bird is in the brine, in the fridge (in theory pics will follow during naptime).  Sure am glad i have that massive stockpot.  It’s filled to the brim.  No way I could’ve brined it w/o one.

Still haven’t heard about the lack of salt in my roll-dough yet.  anyone have any ideas?

In related news, I’m an idiot & forgot that I have leftover pancakes in the fridge.  Made french toast this morning instead.  more work & more dishes to clean.  not smart.   But lunch will be quick & painless (cooking wise) & dinner is leftover sloppy joe’s & french fries.    …and i foresee extra tv in the kids future today.

One thought on “OTPP3

  1. Will check back in for the brine update.

    Add half the salt, then either way you’ll be half right or half wrong.

    Extra TV in the future sounds good to me.

    Happy Thanksgiving!