In theory i’m supposed to be running a 10k on sunday morning (via Nike+, the “human race“). However, currently I am kinda stuck in a spot where i can only comfortably finish 4miles. Which means I will be able to FINISH 6…uh…6-point-whatever miles on sunday, however it won’t be comfortable & thus it would be ill advised to try to up my pace (i don’t want to get hurt & mess up my training for the half marathon in December). Add to that the fact that I chose to stay up late & sleep in this past weekend & run zero. I’m much too competitive to just go out & jog what is technically a race.

Mostly i just fell for the bait in that i got a free itunes workout for signing up for it. I suppose I could just not run it, but well….that would be akin to not finishing a book. I occasionally give up on a book, but it’s REALLY rare, & it does haunt me. Like forcing yourself to stop hiccuping (yes, it’s possible, Ryan taught me how). it works, but you feel kind of…unfulfilled for some strange reason. Besides, I like the workout program i got, the least i can do is get through 2 extra miles.

Ok, so thanks for the advice (re: being a sounding board for my verbal processing brain). I suppose i will move forward with the plan, but i will not pursue beating my current 10k PR (personal record). It’ll be good for the ego. ;) Besides i will technically be running by myself, so that will make it easier not to push myself too hard.

6 thoughts on “Overzealous

  1. I love running 10ks for the sake of running 10ks. I’m just glad God’s given me the opportunity to run at all. I know He’s proud.

  2. ha! yes, i’m so branded. geez.

    as for the hiccups. i have no idea how he actually taught me (it was early in our relationship so about 9yrs ago). some kind of zen meditation trick or something. ;) basically just involves relaxing your chest & throat & breathing slowly & swallowing. it’s weird. doesn’t have 100% success for me but i’d say as much as 95%.

  3. You know you can run it, yes as you stated it won’t be in record time more than likely. But I know that you’ll be able to at least achieve the goal that you set for yourself with this race. Just remember it’s not finishing the race that matters it’s achieveing (not sure on sp?) the goal you set for yourself. Feeling good about being able to run 6 or 8 miles whatever you decide upon will be better than not doing it at all. Especially knowing you and knowing how you like to at least attempt things. Come on we both grew up with parents that taught us if at first you don’t succeed try try again. I don’t know if you remember the first year on swim team, but I couldn’t get a time on breast stroke because I kept DQing. I finally got a time the very last meet before the final big meet. It wasn’t the fastest time or anything but I had gotten to the finish without DQing. And you have the satisfaction of saying I did my best and I tried. Okay I’ll shut up now since I am just ranting on and on so sorry.

  4. oops I forgot I do deep breathing when I get hiccups too and it works well for me…that is so funny. I used to use a tissue over a glass of water, but Keith would always make fun of me. It too worked just not always as well as the deep breathing.