owen greene update…

The following information is what we know at this point:

This morning Owen Greene was delivered successfully via C-section. Upon delivery he was breathing on his own, kicking, crying, and weighed in at just over four pounds. He came out a little blue but mostly pink. Robert and Erin were able to hold him and spend a little time with him before he was taken to the NICU (newborn intensive care unit) for examination. While in the NICU he was intibated (given assistance with his breathing) and his condition is regarded as stable.

Erin and Robert are together in the hospital room and are doing well.

Please remember that we must continue to pray because we are not out of the fight yet. There are many miracles to fight for. Please continue to pray for the healing for his heart, kidneys, and bladder. While we pray, let us rejoice in the victories of this morning and continue this journey in faith.

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