We went to see tulips this weekend. I don’t have the time to edit and post a bunch of pictures right now, but here is one that turned out alright.

Easter and Baptism

Easter is a day of surprise. You get a hint of that when you read the gospel accounts of that first Easter morning. Whether it was the women or the disciples who we are following, for all of them you sense their great surprise that Jesus, who had been crucified but three day prior, was gone. His tomb was empty.

Today, Easter holds less of a surprise for us. We know that the tomb is empty. When we awake, we do so being aware that this is a special day of worship and celebration. Yet, there is little surprise. For the Burns family however, that was not the case today.

At breakfast I was telling Asher and Grace what all was planned for the day. This included going to church and having friends over for dinner. I also told them that, after lunch, we’d be going to a special baptism service to see people get baptized. Asher asked if they would be getting baptized too (surprise!). I paused for a moment. I asked him if he wanted to be baptized, to which he replied yes. Grace, of course, also wanted to be baptized.

Not ever wanting to take something like baptism lightly, we discussed what it meant to be baptized. How it was telling the whole world that we believe Jesus rose from the dead and that we want to follow Him all the days of our lives. I said that if that is what they wanted to do, then they could be baptized. They both, as you’ll see in the video, gave a resounding yes to the proposition.

While I have a number of theological thoughts I’d like to share surrounding baptism, and particularly the baptism of my kids, I’ll save those for another day. I think it is sufficient to say that God is faithful and Jennifer and I have trusted our children into his hands. We place our hope and trust not in water (or bread and wine), but in the faithfulness of God to which these things point.

He is risen.
He is risen indeed.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNgdIIQXG6M&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0]

E list of words

For some reason Grace pronounces a lot of words with an exaggerated long E sound at the front:

Edults (adults)
Esplore (explore)
Ecited (excited)
Emazing (amazing)
Ezausting (exhausting)
Efraid (afraid)
Ennoyed (annoyed)
Efused (confused, though she’s been alternating this one w/the correct pronunciation lately)

…I’m sure there’s more but it’s all I can come up with right now.

Do Not Be Anxious About Anything…

..but but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God (Philippians 4:4).

It is apparent due to the mangled state of the inside of my lower lip & left cheek that I have not heeded the above verse. It has been a few years since i chewed to the point of drawing blood (& then kept right on going). Used to be a vicious constant habit, but Ryan has worked his magic and the..as he puts it…self-cannibalism is now a rare occurrence.

There is certainly a lot of ‘stuff’ on our plate right now that could easily be considered stressors….things to be anxious about. Some things have been dragging me down, some were but the Lord has granted my heart peace about them, and others I’m trying to ignore until it’s actually something happening, therefore delaying the worrying if you will. Pretty much everything can be put into the “unkown” category. You know, something will be happening…at some point in the undetermined future…and not exactly sure what it will even be… I can think of 4 things in that category off the top of my head right now.

On top of all that my little boy seems to have gone and decided to start growing up on me. …And I seemed to not get the memo for awhile there. I was very excited about the little milestones happening with him…reading, dressing himself…WIPING himself (enter dance party)…brushing his own teeth…ect. However, it hadn’t really dawned on me that he’s DOING more because he’s GETTING OLDER and thus more independent. Yet still I saw my little guy that needs his mom to tell/remind him what to do, when to do it and how it should be done. Odd, since it’s been driving me crazy more or less acting like the ‘brain’ for 3 people all day everyday….draining my brain for sure! Much like a moth hovering around a lightbulb, I found myself getting singed recently. In retrospect I can see it’s been a growing issue over the last few months, and it came to a head early this week. Perhaps he finally just got tired of it, or perhaps my stress (that I was under the impression was pretty under control) has rubbed off, maybe transitions we’ve been making in regard to discipline have subconsciously freaked him out. Probably all of the above. I’m not about to air out anyone’s sins but my own, but let’s just say I actually had to call Ryan home from work at noon one day this week because I had been emotionally beat down to a catatonic weeping puddle by that point (in fairness to Asher all 3 of us had been butting heads with each other the whole morning. Wasn’t just him). If memory serves, I’ve never done that before…..i vaguely remember calling him at work to come home early when one or both of them had diarrhea & vomit going on I think…not sure. Anyhow, thankfully Ryan was able to come home & diffuse the situation and allow me some time to step back and ponder the big picture. In that pondering my sin in the situation was glaringly obvious. In fact, they were in many ways, just acting like me…but in a less ‘adult self-controlled’ way. Y.U.C.K

So there was that. The next day honestly wasn’t much better (other than i was expecting a bad day, so it wasn’t as hard), but it was that day that I realized the fact that the little guy was in the process of dropping the little…and I had been fighting him in it. Ryan and I talked, I prayed…realized I didn’t follow my own favorite saying/advice of, “just when you start to feel comfortable in a stage, they grow out of it.” So I took more steps yesterday of loosening the reigns that I cling to so tightly. I need to trust him more. I need to trust God more. He is in control of his heart and mind and emotions…not me. I cannot save my son. I CAN discipline him into faking a good attitude…ie. condition him to be a hypocrite. Or I can pray for him, model a love for Christ and a repentant heart, show him I believe he’s capable of making good choices…and trust God.

Yesterday my struggle was humorously illustrated during his shower. He recently started experimenting with taking “adult” showers. Where the shower head stays in the hook & he stands under it, instead of me holding it & hosing him down. He’s done it a few times, every time wanting me to help him w/part of it. Yesterday he shut the curtain and told me numerous times he did NOT want me to open it. He wanted privacy (though thankfully he DID want me in the bathroom still, heh). You would’ve thought he was about to walk a high-wire or something. I had to grab my phone & play on the internet to keep from peeking in to see if he was washing properly or ask if he wanted some help. I could feel the ridiculousness of the situation, yet tears sprung to my eyes when he announced he was finished and asked me to leave the room while he dried off. Not offended tears, but happy tears…mostly. It’s what I want. I WANT him to grow up to be an independent self-thinking, self-showering man who loves the Lord. That is my job as a mother, to teach him…or model for him, how to do that. I knew going in that I’d have to let go eventually, but I guess I didn’t realize the letting go started so soon.

So Asher: I’m sorry I’ve held on too tight. I probably will always struggle with it. Thankfully your dad is around to laugh at my ridiculous tear filled shower stories. He’ll help me remember to sit on my hands sometimes and let you figure this out….and I know your Father in Heaven will be carrying us all along.

Kids Reviewing Books

The boy never ceases to amaze me.

Today, we picked up a couple books that were on hold at the library. Among them was a 160 page, chapter book called “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” It has a total of 6 pages with pictures.

Before we even got home, Asher had started reading. We got home, ate lunch, and Asher grabbed his book and went straight into our room to read. A few hours later he finished the book… the WHOLE BOOK!

Needless to say, I was blown away. After quizzing him on the content, I asked if he wanted to to a video book report. Of course, he was game:


And, of course, his sister wanted to make a video too, so here is Grace’s video report on “Dora the Explorer: Super Babies.”


The Haircut

Warning – If you get dizzy easily, the pics at the end of this post might not be good to look at. Opa, you have been warned :)

I’m sure Jenn will fill you in on the whole story later, but she got a haircut today. The main reason for getting the haircut was to donate her hair to a charity that makes wigs for little kids with cancer.

We managed to remember to take some before and after shots. I added some animation so you could get the full gist of how dramatic the cut is.

Dizzy yet?

A Blender to Make Eggs and Ice Cream

I had a discussion the other day with my office mate about the Vitamix blender and I mentioned that not only did it make amazing smoothies, but it makes scrambled eggs and ice cream. And by makes, I mean it does it in the blender. To dispel any disbelief, we headed to youtube and watched the following two videos. Thought I’d share with you so that you can see the wonder of blender eggs and ice cream.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycXOBayr-C0&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-43TLMqcymA&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0]

2010 Oscar Nominee

A few weeks ago I was puttering in the kitchen while the kids played in the dining/living room area.  I wasn’t really listening. They were playing one of their many imaginary games but I don’t know what the characters were.  Eventually I tuned back in see if there was play arguing or real arguing going on.  I looked over and Asher looked a little bewildered while grace was sitting on her knees, head in hands weeping.  It sounded like a fake cry, a very very sad fake cry, and I couldn’t really tell if it was fake or not.  I walked over and asked Asher what he did to his sister what was going on, but he didn’t seem to know.  They were “just playing and then she started crying”.   I knelt down and asked Grace if she was ok and head still in hands she sobbed, “I’m just sooo sad…”  Giving Asher the “you better not have lied about not doing anything to her eye” I asked why she was sad.  Looking up at me wide-eyed, tears streaming down face, “Because I am just a poor kid and don’t have any parents.  They died and no one has adopted me.” (or something along those lines.  It’s been a common play scenario for the past 6 months).

“Grace, are you really sad and crying or are you just pretending?”

Complete composure, wiping tears from face, “Just playing with Asher.”

Following that was the oh so common, “please do not REALLY cry when you are just pretending” speech (it sounds very similar to the “you may only scream if you are seriously injured or about to die” speech), and sheepish apology to my son.

Is this a common 3 year old skill or should I get the girl an agent?

The Short Version

On Thursday two of my websites were compromised and my hosting company shut down all my websites. Having encountered multiple hacks over the last several months, I decided a clean slate was needed. I thus got a new hosting company and started 4  of my websites from scratch. The other 16 +/- sites… well, I decided to just shut them down. It was a hard decision, but one I’ve been thinking about for some time. This weekend put the nail in the coffin for them.

While I was at it, and due to necessity, I gave The Daily Burns a face-lift.

That’s the short version.