Party Poopers

One day this week we had one of those super sweet “wow…that’s our son” moments in the van with Asher & I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. :)

For those who don’t know Ryan & I have decided not to lie to Asher…about anything. If we reach a subject that he’s not ready for the truth, we just tell him we’ll tell him when he’s older or something like that (not to say we’ve never slipped up in this area, but we strive to not lie anyhow). So in the eyes of some folks I realize this makes us out to be a tad bit…grinch-y. We love to play pretend, but we like to make sure the kids know it’s just that – pretend. Asher knows there is no such thing as Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy (though we enjoy playing pretend about all of these…i fully intend to play tooth fairy when the time comes…it will still be a fun game, he’ll just know it’s us). There’s certainly a myriad of reasons we’ve decided to be upfront with him on the issue of what’s real & what’s not, but ultimately…we don’t want to lie to him.

So the other day in the van: He had been talking about or pretending to be a monster (new favorite activity) & then said, “but monster’s aren’t real”. I said, “that’s true” So then he went on to list other things (that he enjoys) that are also not real….mermaids, dragons, Diego, goblins & various talking animals. What was so sweet & a perfect example of why we’ve been so clear with him was that in the mix of naming off things that aren’t real he said, “God IS real…Jesus IS real….the Holy spirit is real…” then went on with his list of ‘non-real’ things.

I got a little choked up, but tried to play it cool. ;) “Yep, that’s right bud. God IS real. You’re a smart kid.”

I’ll choose to be a party pooper any day if it helps my kids wade through the waters discerning the Truth through all the lies.

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