Pavlov’s Kids

A little trick that I am sure I picked up from some “smarter than me” momma (I don’t remember who…sorry), in regards to potty training: There are certain times that I require Asher to sit on the potty even if he insists he does not need to go. For instance, we’re about to leave the house for a few hours & he has not yet gone that morning. Usually he sits (& goes) with no problem, but occasionally he gets a little stubborn & just doesn’t want to. So to help distract him from the on-coming tantrum, the deal is: He sits on the potty & we sing the ABC’s one time through. He does not actually have to GO potty, but he has to sit for the duration of the song. He’s never really protested this. In fact, 95% of the time halfway through the song he relaxes & sure enough, goes potty.

Recently I’ve decided that when Grace starts to go through this stage I will perhaps use a different song….one more obscure. Over thanksgiving I asked Asher to sing a song for Oma & Opa. He sang the ABC’s. Immediately after, somewhat urgently he said, “I have to go potty!”. Lol…I think it’s become somewhat of a Pavlovian response…..this could have irritating consequences in Kindergarten.

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