Peet and Teeth

Another “a lot (but not all) of this probably would have been put on twitter were I not on a twitter break” post:

1) We checked out “Hubert’s Hair-Raising Adventure” this week from the library. After reading the back cover I’m embarrassed to admit I had never heard of Bill Peet (he apparently worked on Fantasia, 101 Dalmations & Peter Pan…& this was his first book ever published). In fact, I hadn’t read the back cover till just now when I sat down to write about the book. It was just a random, “this looks funny” grab. Anyhow, my review: Better than Seuss (am I allowed to say that?). Ha. Certainly i’m not an “I love ALL Dr. Seuss books” kinda gal, but I do like a LOT of them. Mostly what I enjoy is the rhythm & challenge of the read. To read it and make it sound fun vs. the tounge-twisting brain-cramping stuff that it is. Sometimes the nonsense bugs me though. heh…and every time I think that I hear my mom’s voice, and imagine both Dr. Seuss & for some reason CS Lewis whispering, “since when did SHE become a GROWN-UP?”. I probably shouldn’t admit that there are numerous voices in my head & that they often talk to each other….about me.

My mom says that she once saw me fall on my back off some hang bars in a playground and I came home crying that my imaginary friend pushed me off. I think her name was Mindy …wait….sorry. thought I was in a counseling session.

Anyhow, the Hubert book, is super fun (in that challenging way) to read, almost musical in the rhyming, and very silly, but not in the “made up words” kinda way.

We will now be on a “Bill Peet” kick for awhile at the library….and by “we” i mean me…

Also I am in LOVE with the book “The Sea Serpent and Me“. Another random, “that looks fun” book. I could just read those two books all week. In fact I’m not returning these two this week. So there. Anyhow, this book is just SUPER super sweet. A little weird to start, if you’ve got…’sensitive’ kids you might want to joke about how silly & impossible it is for a sea serpent to come out of the bathtub faucet (ask me how i know)…but oh…i almost cry every time I read it. …In fact I might read it by myself so i can just let it out & have myself a good cry. Ha. and I LOVE the artwork. Tonight as i read it I was wondering if there are prints available to buy….I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to decorate the kids’ rooms with prints of some of our favorite children’s book illustrations. I should note, it is NOT a sad book, no one dies, but the sea serpent does have to be taken to live in the ocean and it’s a little sad for both of them, but they both know that’s where he needs to be…in a ‘better place’…if you will….and they both reminisce when he was so little he fit in her hands…and he slept by her bed… *sob*….ok I’ll stop…

3) This past week i was eating lima beans and apparently there were rocks mixed in with them (bought them frozen, though they were store-brand…?)..i blame the lima beans because i ate them later in the week and had a similar, though not painful experience and found the rock culprit. Right, so I was eating lima beans and bit down HARD on what i assumed was a rock (it didn’t occur to me to spit anything out. instead I yelped, swallowed and then complained). Anyhow, my tooth has been hurting ever since, the pain midly increasing each day. However not enough for me to remember to LOOK at my teeth any time I’m near a mirror. I finally did that this evening and lo & behold, on the tooth that hurts there was a spot that looked weird…as if it might be chipped, and a dark spot in it. When i touch it, it hurts a good bit. That’s not good, right? Arg.

4) Asher has been singing “My God is so Great”, (which he learned from children’s church, I’m not well versed on ‘christian’ kids’ songs) a lot this past week. He’s had ‘roomtime’ in the living room a lot this week and he’ll be drawing or looking at books & just start singing it. Every time he sings it my heart swells up, feeling so encouraged, and worshipful…”YES! Our God IS so GREAT!”…It has brought on dancing on more than one occasion. I love when “kid stuff” that can so easily be written of as just cute or whatever really moves me &/or teaches me…. In case you aren’t swinging your arm & singing it “pub-style” already here’s the lyrics (I only know the chorus because that’s apparently all Asher knows…ok he knows more, but i can’t remember it yet):

My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do (for YOU!)

5) On Saturday, I FINALLY did what I threaten to do all the time & bought this month’s chickens & prepped them for their individual tasks, put them in the freezer & got ALL the fat & skin rendered together in one batch. Doing 3 chickens at once (& in the crock pot instead of in the oven) renders a good bit more schmaltz, thus making it feel like it’s not a waste of time & it’s not the least bit over-cooked or burned & just off-white smooth….mmm…. I got about 2 cups worth. :) In case you’re ever interested in doing it (i know you’re all going to run out to buy chickens tomorrow): I used my crockpot & cooked it on low ALL DAY. Literally hours & hours & hours. It needed to go longer but we had a party to attend & i was scared of burning it, so turned it off…i tried to cook up the remains this morning but burned it. oops

3 thoughts on “Peet and Teeth

  1. Hi,

    I hope your tooth is OK — in bean recipes they always say to spread them out on a cookie sheet and sort through for rocks. I always ignore that step. Now I won’t.

    But that’s not why I’m writing. First, thanks for your kind words about my book, The Sea Serpent and Me. I’m so glad it’s staying at your house instead of going back to the library this week. Second, Catia Chien, the book’s wonderful illustrator, does have some limited edition prints from the book for sale. You can see all her beautiful work (notecards and posters and all kinds of creations)at her website: I don’t see the Sea Serpent posters up there, so you might have to contact her directly to see if there are any left:

    Thanks again for your great post!


  2. HA! I love Christian kids songs more now than ever. I think because now I understand their meaning so much deeper than as a kid. I always find myself listening to either the hymns or the message in church and singing the kids worship song that matches with the message or verse or hymn (how silly!). This Sunday part of the message was about being in “Lord’s Army” and how we often sit back as Christians in all the stuff that is going on in today’s world, as if we are defeated instead of knowing and behaving as if we already are victorious. I immediately thought in my head “I may never march in the infantry, ride in to calvery (not sure if that is the right word), shoot the artillery, I may never fly o’er the ______ (forget this word, I think enemy), but I’m in the Lord’s Army, YES SIR!” With a salute. I could go on, but I fear I’ve made enough of a fool of myself with that. Asher would love (if he doesn’t already) that one, since he is “Army Strong” and he can do the hand motions with it.

  3. We’ve been on a Sarah Stewart kick this week. You should give her a try. I especially liked “The Library” and “The Friend”.