Peter Pan

On wednesdays and thursdays i babysit two little girls. One is 4 and the other is…20 months(?)ish. The older one (hanna) goes to preschool until noon so from 8:30-12:00 it’s just asher and maggie. They play together really well. maggie calls asher ‘boy’, which i think is really cute. Lately she has started actually saying his name, interchanging it. sometimes she uses boy and others it’s asher (or acher). I was a little sad when she started using his name for some reason. I think i had this whole scenario played out in my mind where that would be her little nickname for him and when they grew up the would get married and I would talk about how when they were babies i used to watch maggie and that’s when the ‘boy’ nickname developed. Then asher would ‘bonk’ her head with affection when the minister said, “you may now kiss the bride” (he prefers to bonk forheads as a sign of affection in leui of kissing and hugging, though he does kiss and hug as well). Not that i really want asher to marry maggie, a bit too young for matchmaking, but it makes a cute story.

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