Photo Friday

So, last weekend the kids and I went to the beach with Oma and Opa. Here are a few pics of the adventure:
(click image to see larger version)

ASher and Dead Fish

Here is asher and the small dead fish he found… that’s my boy.

Grace Eating Sand

Grace likes to eat sand… mmmm, sand.

Asher Beach

Asher striking a pose on the beach.

Grace Pool

Nice star tattoo.

Asher’s New T-Shirt

While not a beach pic, this is a shirt that a friend bought for Asher while she was in Latvia… he wore it for two days straight before he’d let us take it off.

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. i found a dead fish when i was little too! i distinctly remember being like “mom! i found a fish!” and her saying something like “sarah… put that down..”

  2. See, that’s what’s great about Jenn. I think most mothers would say “put that down!”… but Jenn? “Wow! Come here so I can take a picture–hold it up high!”

    I love Asher striking a pose and Grace by the pool in her shades. Those are some cool kids. I suppose their cool parents might have something to do with that…maybe. =)

  3. I actually cringed inside & purposed to not get grossed out by the fish, so as not to teach him to be scared..but when i finished the pic I tried as nonchalantly as possible to say, “ok, throw it back in the water” where a seagull immediately scooped it up. pretty sweet.