Photography Website Hosting

So, I had a burst of energy this evening and decided to revamp my photographers web hosting site.  I spent a lot of time today trying to think through several different business ideas that have pestered my brain the last several weeks.  As usual, these ideas only lead me to frustration as I just don’t have the time to really pull any of them off with great success.

So, I decided that I might give this site a little love and see if I can’t get the ball rolling a little bit with it.  Currently, the site gets very little traffic, but it is a very niche site so I don’t mind that.  However, the cool thing is that I typically make about $90 a month off the site.  Not bad considering I haven’t touched it since it launched several months ago.

Hopefully, now that I’ve given it some love and plan to devote at least one hour a week to it… maybe it’ll deliver some more $$.  So, if you know any photographers who need web hosting… or anyone who needs web hosting deals, tell them to stop by my site.

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