We both seemed to have miscalculated what the effects of surgery would be. I expected to get home around noon,put ryan to bed, & do all sorts of chores. I knew he’d be out for the day but I thought he’d just sleep. Ryan apparently thought he would be posting an update for ya’ll sometime this afternoon.

Instead we did not get home until nearly 4pm & have been fighting trying to get him to wake up long enough to eat & drink. Pretty unsuccessfully thus far. He’s had 2 glasses of water, one glass of orange juice & a handful of chips….that he fell asleep trying to chew. So my sleeping guess was correct, however, I was unaware that I would have to attempt to force food & liquids in him to make sure he doesn’t have liver failure from all the meds. far so..ok. I’ll let him share more details but I must say…it sure is a good thing he never experimented with “illicit drugs”. His body does not like narcotics.

As for the surgery, the “tear” was apparently more like, “tearS”….as the surgeon told me in the waiting room, “it was pretty chewed up in there”. So while he was in there he went ahead & shaved off some of the bone to reshape it so it will not “chew on him” anymore. Instead of 10 days (he even wore his Ten Days t-shirt today), it will be about 4 weeks on crutches.

But at least it shouldn’t tear again.

Another upside is that perhaps ryan will be cited in a medicine journal or something. Apparently Dr. Higgs is now the second person in the U.S. to have performed this surgery (the bone thing) endoscopically. He seemed to think that was good news….hmmm…?

& yet another upside is that i’ve nearly finished the reformation book in one day. It is an incredibly fun book. I’ll have to save it for another post, but you should read definitely read it. Inspiring, interesting, & incredibly funny.

ok time to go check on my patient.

One thought on “Post-Op

  1. you go jen! be a good nurse! I’ll be back in Richmond (working quite a bit) but if you need an extra two hands sometime, please let me know, i would love to help you guys out!!