Potty Training Days 1 & 2

That’s right folks. Potty training. Things that I just don’t think about very often: the Dakotas (i forget about those states), washing my shins (i do shave though, so i figure that counts), and that humans have to be taught to use the toilet. Anyhow, it was suggested that i blog through this endeavor. I will do my best. However the method i have chosen leaves no free time while he’s awake and during naptime I pretty much have to nap, most likely due to being 8 months pregnant while potty training a just barely 18 month old. So that leaves evenings. we’ll see.

So the first question i realize is, “doesn’t he turn 18months tomorrow?? isn’t that kind of early for potty training?”. My first thought is ‘back in the day’ most people apparently started around 18 months…my mom did it w/my older sister and I, and from other people around their age I hear similar stories. So it’s been done. Second, My original plan was to wait till he was 2, unless he just seemed to be showing a lot of ‘readiness signs’, however it occurred to me that would mean potty training while nursing a 4-month old. Possible, but not ideal. I would have to stretch it out over a longer span of time, and I’m a fan of the “quick and painful” approach to most things. Just grin and bear it and get it over with already. So i figured, ‘what the heck, let’s give it a shot’, and if he’s not ready, then we’ll go back to diapers in a week or so, and give it another try sometime after the baby comes. However, if it does work, and he is ready (he’s shown some signs but certainly not all) then great, only one set of diapers to deal with come late august/early september. Even if he takes to it and reverts after his sibling comes, i won’t have to totally retrain, just a refresher.

Now, if i had’ve written yesterday afternoon, I would have said, “I really don’t think he’s ready”. He basically peed all over my house, didn’t seem to notice or care that pee was running down his leg and HATED sitting on the potty. That was the longest day i’ve ever had. But i am determined to stick it out through Friday, if after Friday there’s not much change, we’ll chuck it for now. However, after discovering that I just bought a stupid potty seat that was too high and the bowl too small (think it was cutting off circulation), I called a friend and borrowed her “Baby Bjorn” one-piece potty seat. He happily sat right down in it and peed last night, so I am now an avid baby bjorn fan.

Today I have a sliver of hope. We only had 4 accidents (unfortunately 3 were poop related…super gross), and NO accidents after naptime. Of course most of this was because of timing, and not him prompting using the potty. I put him on the potty every 15-20 minutes ALL DAY long…literally. For at least 4 minutes at a time, but often he’s willing to sit longer (we read books, play with toys or watch clifford dvd’s). However, by this evening there were a few times that he went as soon as i sat him down. It seemed like he was beginning to connect that when he pees there, he gets a chocolate (well..carob) covered raisin. His special “potty treat”. Basically just like training a dog…. anyway, from what friends who have done it (with little ones) tell me, by the third day it will really start to click and by friday he’ll be peeing regularly in the potty. The other end of the training really seems to be kid by kid. Some kids have no problem with poop and others take 6 more months to really get it down. I’ve been praying for ‘supernatural potty training’, so hopefully Asher will be in the former catagory. We shall see. Regardless I feel like today was a success.

On a side note, to anyone about to take on the adventure, buy more than 6 pairs of training pants. That was another dumb uninformed purchase i made. Not dumb pants, just not enough of them.

Say a prayer for us if you think of it, and I’ll check in with the highlights tomorrow.

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