Potty Training, Take 2

It’s the day after Christmas…the kids are both wearing some new clothes from the grandparents. Grace is prancing in her new “princess jewelry” and pushing her baby around in the stroller. Asher is absorbed in his new “Where’s Waldo” book. Me? I’m thinking about Potty Training. Merry Christmas.

As some of you may remember we started potty training Grace this past summer…only to have a major revert the week before we moved here to WA. I decided it would be in the best interest of all involved to throw in the towel for the time-being & wait till we were “more settled” to try again. Grace embraced diapers again gleefully….enjoying pretending to be a baby during changes & the whole nine-yards. so…uh…yeah. I guess she wasn’t “ready”. Live & learn.

Anyhow, I decided “after the holidays” was my goal for re-introducing the concept. As much as I’m never going to be “in the mood” to do this again (esp. now that we’re renting with wall-to-wall carpet…i’ve never done this with carpet…), I decided to get the ball rolling again starting this coming Monday. I vacillated between waiting till after Asher’s birthday (the 5th of Jan), but decided that I will come up with endless reasons for delaying if I cave to that mindset. So today while changing her diaper, I mentioned that on Monday we were going to start potty training so she could wear “big girl” underwear & go on the potty ect. She clapped her hands & said, “I so cited!”. It helps that her friend Luke trained recently & she would LOVE to be “big” like him.

So I’m going to try to make it to Target today to have her help me pick out some “special” pretty underwear that she gets to wear when she starts getting the hang of it, and some stickers. We’re gonna go the sticker-reward route this time (last time i tried “just praise” as a reward). She was VERY keen on the sticker idea.

Here we go….Lord, grant us mercy! :)

One thought on “Potty Training, Take 2

  1. Totally praying for you! With her newest princess/ballerina craze and her “I so cited!”…I think she’s going to do great! :o)