Pray for Ryan

I apologize for those of you who like details, i’m going to leave off a lot of details since it would have to cover 2 & 1/2 years of Asher-related tedious food & potty info that most of our readers would prefer not to sift through.

All that to say, after lots of reading & praying (& 2 years of being in denial not wanting to end up here) I’ve decided to change us to a gluten & dairy(ish)-free diet. (Technically it should be gluten & casein free, but i’m going to focus mostly on the gluten for awhile & ease into hard-core casein-free if need be (it’s everywhere you wouldn’t expect)). It helps that i’m already a health food nut & can grind beans & rice ect. to make the flours (that are expensive & hard to find), but there’s still a massive learning curve to undertake.

Which brings us to my dear husband. Food is my arena & he is, “along for the ride”. As in, he trusts my judgment so I get to decide stuff like this. But we had JUST in the past year gotten to a good place where 9x out of 10 dinner wasn’t gross….I suddenly feel like we’re back to square 1.

Anyhow I’m committed to it for 2 full months (started today). If there’s no iota of change, we’ll re-evaluate.

Thanks Ryan for putting up with your crazy wife. :)

One thought on “Pray for Ryan

  1. Sounds like a lot of hard work. I hope you get past the YUCK factor fast. I bet Ryan is just happy that you care enough to go through all of this hard work.