Princess Grace

Thursday is library day. Which lately seems to mean the kids (either both or one) sleep in late, thus making it a mad morning rush to get to the bus stop on time. Today? Grace slept in till 9:30. 9:30!!! The past few months (more like 6), i’m lucky to have her sleep till 8 (i know, i know, whine whine, most kids wake at 5am or some ungodly hour like that). …I have a weekly/daily schedule to maintain, and this random wake-up time really messes me up.

Ok enough complaining, lucky for us, storytime is on break until January 5 (Asher’s birthday by the way). So we were able to be leisurely about it. Unfortunately, we were a bit too leisurely & I didn’t account for the 15min. walk to the bus stop due to the snow. We missed our first bus. Next one was due in 30 min. and Asher decided to romp in the snow with no snow pants on (not his fault, I failed to set down the “we are NOT playing in the snow right now” rules). So we dredged back home, changed his pants & got back to the bus stop just in time to catch the next bus. I’m tired just thinking about it. Anyhow, while at the library Grace pulled a book off the shelf & asked if we could ‘have’ that one. True to form, on the cover was a little girl, dressed like a pink princess. Added bonus, I got to tell her the name of the book, “Princess Grace“. She was ecstatic to say the least (and I forgot to bring the camera). “It’s me! It’s princess Grace, that’s me!”. When we read it before naptime a little bit ago, through the whole book she’d point to the main character & say, “I’m dancing” or “I sit!” (basically whatever the main character was doing, that was Grace). 2 things were particularly funny though.

1) if you already clicked through to the amazon link, you’ll note that the Grace in the book is not a little white girl. I find it humorous that my Grace hasn’t seemed to notice at all that she looks pretty different than her. And Asher’s only comment was, “but her hair is different than yours Grace” ( Asher seems to have a thing w/girls’ hair….he complains about red-heads…i don’t know what to do about this…).

2) The book is actually about how these (cough *disney-esque* cough) princesses don’t really do much besides look pretty (cough *& kiss princes* cough), and how “there is more than one way to be pretty”. I’d like to say Grace had a world-view altering experience via the book, but unfortunately, she started losing interest once the pictures stopped having so much pink & diamonds. There go my feminist plans for her.

..have I mentioned we’re giving her a (little people) pink castle/doll house thing for christmas? heh…i’m still going to hold out on barbie (or any other equally scantilly clad, wildly disproportioned, sex-kitten hussie of a doll….hmm…sounds like a touchy subject…) as long as I can… that’s my story & I’m sticking to it. :)

oh & another oddity, apparently my older sister wrote the book.

3 thoughts on “Princess Grace

  1. Too cute! They don’t get the race thing, or care and that’s a good thing. I told my oldest when she was very little that she was 1/4 chinese (I can’t remember why), I figured it was pretty obvious that it could be true (white hair and blue eyed). It wasn’t obvious to her and she proceeded to tell EVERYONE that would listen for a long time. Her teacher had a little chat with me about her ‘telling stories’.

    Extra sleep is needed around here! Enjoy!

  2. Adorable! It is really amazing how God shows us himself through the innocence of children. Grace is a true girly girl isn’t she? Sparkles and pink lace is all it seems to take to get her interested! Very sweet.

  3. This is Jessica from the mommy group and from Journey To Crunchville. Your princess post totally hit home over here. All though I *have* broken and have allowed her to dive into the world of Barbie. LOL. The only thing she wants for Christmas is a “connected” Barbie. She is all things Barbie lately and is even having a Barbie cake for her Birthday on Christmas Eve. I think it is so funny how girly my little girl is because I was never a girly girl. Go figure.