Princess Potty

I feel a little scared to say anything, but…..Grace is doing GREAT!  I feel almost feel comfortable saying, “success!”.  :)

No accidents for the past 4.5 days!   The mermaid puppet day was our breakthrough, but we did have 2 accidents/morning both days following the mermaid moment.  The day the accidents stopped entirely….was the day I explained how pull-ups work.  Ha.  I don’t use pull-ups while potty training, since 1) they can’t FEEL they’re wet & 2)…they’re disposable & I like to minimize my use of disposable products.   However, I do use them for things like church (dont’ want to stress out children’s church workers with cleaning pee out of carpets) & for the first few weeks longer trips outside the house.  Anyhow, I always thought the “learning designs” were stupid.  Asher was definitely never interested in them.  I mean…how does a fading picture help  a kid learn to not pee their pants??  How about having urine drip down their leg into their shoes? Seems like that makes a quicker connection to the thought “oh, I needed to go potty”.

Anyhow, I put her in a pull up this past weekend & she “oohed & ahhed” over the little hearts.  …hhmmm…So I explained that if she goes potty in her pants it “makes the hearts go away”. It happened once & she was pretty sad.  From then on she started telling me when she needed to go & each time she went on the potty she’d say, “I not make hearts go away!”  In fact, twice she has asked to wear the “hearts underwear” instead of the pretty cotton princess underwear I have rewarded her with.  Don’t get me wrong, she LIKES the princesses.  But for some reason she likes the pull-ups.

There she goes again proving my assumptions wrong.  I’m just glad I was a cheap-skate & got the Target brand pull-ups instead of the plain brown seventh-generation ones (which do not have “learning designs”).  ;)

4 thoughts on “Princess Potty

  1. this only proves that every chiled is different in every aspect :), what works on one doesn’t nesacerily work on an other, the same goes with disaplining there comes a point ware you may have to figure out what works with each of them.

  2. Wow…that Grace really likes to challenge our paradigms huh? I’m so thankful to God you guys have this BLOG! I need all these stories and tips for my own issues. Interesting how those little hearts worked. Like “mom jones (Hi Mrs. Jones!) said, I guess you have to really figure out what works for each individual kid before throwing the idea away. Keep those stories coming!

  3. That is awesome! Grace, you rock! And I never understood the whole “fading picture” thing on the pull-ups either…apparently, they were invented especially for Grace. :o)

  4. Go Grace! I had to go back and read that post on the mermaid again to try and get more insight on potty training. Make sure I’m not overlooking anything as I am at my wits end with Kat. She’ll seem like she is finally catching on and bam we are back at the beginning with no interest. I have tried everything from regular training pants, pull-ups, and even normal big girl underwear with the design of her choice. Nothing works she doesn’t even care if the pee runs down her legs. We have even tried bribes of candy, toys, etc…. I have taken things away telling her that only big girls can play with that toy or go out and play (more a punishment for me than her) and even put her to bed for a nap she hasn’t taken in years. Figuring maybe one of these would convince her of the difference of a baby and a big girl. I even had her show her baby doll how to be a big girl…yeah needless to say that worked once. I guess I’m going to have to line my carpets with plastic and have her go bare bottom like I did Jenna and Halei. Why do I not remember having this much problems with them?! I am to the point if I could afford it and it there were someone out there that offered to potty train my child I would do it. I may have to live with the fact my child will go from diapers to depends…I know not funny.