Putting my Library Obsession to work

My husband has officially worn off on me.  I have a new blog.  libraryday.com

Growing up I was a book worm.  Any free chance I got I pulled out a book.  I remember in 5th grade having ‘reading time’ for I think 15 minutes or so between english and history.  I repeatedly got in trouble for not putting my book away when history started.  It wasn’t because I was rebellious. I literally had no idea class had started.  I was that absorbed in the book.  In fact the main thing i occasionally find myself pining for in regards to pre-children days are lazy saturdays (especially in the winter) spent reading.  The ENTIRE day. I would sometimes read more than one book in a saturday.  Anyhow, in regards to my love of reading, I also loved the library.  I was always looking for something new to read, and the library was a never-ending free source to tap my obsession.  For the summers of grades 3-8 my sisters and I took up residence at the neighborhood pool.  We would literally spend the entire day there almost every day of the summer.  At least that’s what I remember.  That pool had a library pretty much across the street from it.  I remember heading over there armed with a backpack during the ‘adult swim’ to return to the pool backpack stuffed to the gills.  Ok, so I didn’t read many classics…I’m pretty sure I read every Sweet Valley High ever in print.  I do remember checking a book out on animal CPR once though…

Anyhow, fast forward to me with children.  I have been taking Asher to the library since he was a newborn in a carseat carrier.  However, there was a period, once he became mobile that I stopped, and seemed to all but forget the library.  It for some reason escaped my memory that it could be a place for kids.  Then I heard a friend mention something about library ‘storytime’ when Asher was about 18 months old and I was inspired.  Then I attempted to go.  Storytime was fun, but beyond that I was SO overwhelmed by the options, and trying to find things while also trying to keep him from tearing the place apart (did I mention I was about 9mo pregnant too?) I fled in terror.  I immediately emailed a friend of mine who (at the time) had 4 kids and I knew she took them regularly.  They always had a stack of library books floating around their house.

“How do you choose? How do you decide while also keeping your children from taking every book off the shelf or wandering off?”  Ect. Ect.   I clear forgot how to use the library too.  In true Rebekah fashion, she gave me great advice and indirectly caused me to fall into a new and ‘worthy’ obsession.  Library Day.

My friend suggested a few things such as, reading the book, “Honey for a Child’s Heart”, and browsing their book suggestions for a jumping off point.  Then when you find books you like, check out others from that same author.  I believe there was some mention of admitting to being ‘that mother’ who had kids dancing on tables while she browsed shelves.  The best tip for library trips with young children was utilizing internet resources such as “putting books on hold”.  I do this weekly.  I sometimes have 7 books on hold at a time.  If i hear about a good book, or read one and want to try another by the same author, I don’t even bother with getting it myself.  I go straight to the website & put it on hold.  That way, if nothing else, we will be able to go pick up our holds and be on our chaotic way.  Speaking of which, I should probably bake some cookies for the librarians.

With the advent of this weekly adventure (we’ve gone pretty much religiously once a week for almost 3 years now), came a new found love for children’s books.  I really do LOVE children’s books.  I don’t read much in the way of adult fiction anymore (though I do enjoy audio books to listen to while working on mindless chores), I read children’s books anywhere from 1-4 times a day.  A normal trip to the library brings home 20+ books.  We don’t always finish all of them, and  2 have gone missing (both eventually found…and I finally devised a system where the library books have their own special bookshelf in the living room), and it’s not rare to only like 5 or 10 of the 20, but when we find ones we like, I can’t help but talk (or type) about them.   This brings me (finally) to the point of this post.  I had the inkling of an idea and Ryan grabbed it and ran with it.  A few days later he presented me with: libraryday.com

On this snazzy little blog it is my intention to tell you about children’s books that we’ve found on our “library days” and want other people to read.  In an effort to make it something I will update regularly (weekly as a matter of fact), I promise not to ramble like i do here. Quick little book recommendations.  An outlet to share the gems we find each week.  I intend to add Asher & Grace’s thoughts when they offer them as well, but I’ll keep mine short & sweet (or short anyway).  Or so I intend…ha.

4 thoughts on “Putting my Library Obsession to work

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I already put the poetry book on hold and can’t wait to go and get it. I guess Whatcom libraries have a way better section than ours because I couldn’t even find the Tomie dePaola book. Odd, since he’s a pretty well known and popular author. Oh well, I can’t wait for the new recommendations!

  2. Jenn – beautiful site! Great idea. Again – can I be you when I grow up? :) I wish I had a techy hubby to build my website; convenient! Its really a great job. I will be visiting regularly!

  3. Did I ever mention to you that my sisters and I would get talked about at summer camp staff meetings because our counselors were so worried about us…because we read too much? I think my summer fetish was the Happy Hollisters and I would go through 3-4 a day during camp rest period and off hours. Haven’t seen the Happy Hollisters as an adult, but I do still love reading kids’ books.

  4. I love your idea, Jenn! Thanks so much! You’re inspiring me to get back into a library day (took off because it got too hard being pregnant, then having baby). But I love books too much, too, to be gone for long! John has already picked out ones of your site than he wants to try! In case you didn’t know (but how could you not?!), I, too, an a book-a-holic! I perfected the artform of walking and reading while in high school. Spent countless days reading in a lawnchair by the lilac bushes at our house growing up. Read a lot of Nancy Drew, but I did also try some classics. Honestly, I think I read all the wrong ones becauase most of them were junk (in my humble opinion!). But I just discovered Anne of Green Gables for the first time and LOVE them, and they’re supposed to be classics so . . . maybe I need to try some kids classics. Can’t wait to read your recommendations!