Random thoughts

some thoughts

  • There is a fire somewhere near by the library, as I’ve heard numerous sirens go by in the last minute or two.
  • I’ve taken study breaks several times today to follow what is happening at the SBC General Conference (is that what it is even called?)
  • I’m not a part of the SBC.
  • I’m thinking about starting to Twitter.
  • Asher had a swimming lesson this morning and I felt a great deal of fatherly pride in my son’s accomplishment.
  • I read a blog by another father about how proud he was of his daughter and I was reminded of how proud of my kids I was… and then I almost cried in the library… but I didn’t.
  • I think I might upgrade the daily burns tonight after the kids go to bed.
  • I wonder what is for dinner…
  • Ok, back to reading my strange and (occasionally) intriguing book.

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