Reason 101 why I love my husband

Last spring we were in Riga, Latvia for about 3 weeks. One morning while squished into a micro-bus ryan was standing among a group of young guys that seemed as though they might have been a little buzzed from the previous night’s activities (though that is pure speculation, maybe they were just hyper jerks). After a few stops a young woman got on and squished in the front w/ryan and the guys. Not long after the bus got moving again one of the guys grabbed her butt. She promptly gave him a dirty look which they all found quite amusing. This happened again, and after awhile she stopped responding. So after maybe the 4th time, one of the guys was reaching for it yet again. Ryan looked at him and said, “cut it out man”. No idea if they spoke english (although it seems like all of Latvia is tri-lingual…even older folks so the odds are good), but they got the gist. There was a tense moment of wondering if he was about to be hit or not. However, they got off at their stop, which thankfully was not ours, and went on their merry womanizing way. My hero.

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