remember that time?

once when i was in 6th grade, my younger sister (in the 3rd grade) and i were playing a game. in school she was learning the names of all 50 states, so i was quizzing her. she had to guess which state i was thinking of that started with the letter “A”. After having gone through all the “A” states she could think of, exasperated, she gave in, “what state is it?” With a big proud, “i’m so smart” smile i replied, “ArKansas”

That is the day I discovered that “Arkensaw” and “Ar-Kansas” are actually one in the same. Believe it or not I placed in the top ten in the school-wide spelling bee that year (i like to think it was 3rd place, but my memory might be trying to make me smarter than i was). Must not have had names of states in the contest.

so my sisters do still like to bring that one up on occasion. always a good laugh. almost as good as my “meat story”.

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