Reminder on Motivation

This morning I just had a really refreshing reminder that I felt compelled to share w/ya’ll. It’s not some shiny new discovery, just a plain old, “heard this a zillion times” type thing that easily gets pushed to the back of the pile.

I was reading 1peter 1:13-2:3. The section before it talks about our salvation & how we get to live out what people before the time of Christ only dreamed (& prophesied) about…& even Angels are envious of! So this section starts with “therefore”….& goes on to talk about Holy living. I was struck by the reminder of our motivation for holy living. We’re not striving to earn salvation or approval or love, but BECAUSE of our salvation & approval & love…for what we have already recieved, we cling to the Word of God & “prepare our minds for action”.

We have been “ransomed from our futile ways” at a very high price…thus we desire to live to the standard of our rescuer…not out of obligation but joy & thanksgiving.

ahh….that is just so amazing.

One thought on “Reminder on Motivation

  1. I don’t know if I’ve heard that a zillion times… but I could probably stand to hear it a couple zillion times from here on out.

    Thanks for preaching this morning :)

    The gospel is like water to my soul!