Resolutions & all that Jazz

Ryan & i practiced our annual New Year’s Eve festivities last night. Watch TV and go to bed well before midnight. Last night it was the movie “Hancock”. I really enjoyed it even if the end was a bit….i dont’ know. something unsatisfying about it. Though I was grateful they spared the morbid unhappy ending. I watch movies for happy endings, ‘realistic’ or not. so there.

We are Tre cool for sure. I don’t even own a little black dress. I do own a long sleeved turtle neck sweater black dress though. What’s the deal w/winter formal dresses being made for people who live in tropical climates? I couldn’t even FATHOM wearing a strappy dress in december here! I’d never be able to take off my coat. Silly.

Anyhow, I do however do the cheesy “resolutions” thing. I’m never very serious about it & thus not sure if i’ve ever stuck with any (or even expressed them outside my brain), but I make them anyhow. This year I’m trying to be very realistic with it. Go small or go home baby.

So here we go: Resolved:

- Read & meditate on the Bible ‘regularly’. kinda cheating here since I made (& mostly kept) this one last year, but I figure it’s a good one to keep refreshing. This means more than once a week. Preferable MUCH more often than that (& it usually is), but wanted to give myself some flexibility here. I am after a “rule-follower” so I’ll beat myself up when (yes when) I fail. Probably not God’s intention that I put him on a “to-do” checklist.

- Make & drink Beet Kvass ‘regularly’. Also intend for this to be near-daily. but ya know…. I *almost* enjoy my kvass. Not “dishish-oso”, but not gross. MUCH cheaper than spending $50/month on probiotics. Oh yeah, and offer it to the kids regularly in the hopes that leading them to water will encourage them to drink. a girl can dream.

- Last but not least: As I commented on the blog post I’m about to link to: “enjoy them now” (in each “now” phase they go through!), “there are no one-size fits all (even in the same family)” & “Love God over all else”. Being a rather impatient person who loves to get opinions from other people & books on how to do things, It’s easy for me to rush past all the “now”, NOT enjoy the kids where they are & think I have to everything in ways that other people do (or say they do). I still think it’s good to “take polls” & read books, but in the end we need to do what is best for our individual kids/spouses/families & circumstances. I forget all that far to easily. Written in a much more eloquent way: Just Live Life with your Kids!

Happy New Year!!! Any “resolvers” out there?

One thought on “Resolutions & all that Jazz

  1. I’m definitely a resolver. It just feels right on new years to make resolutions (actually I make them all year long and resolve to NOT have the same ones the next year!). My husband does goals and objectives (G and O’s) at work and we do something like that at home. Didn’t do that this year though. I turn 30 this year and decided to do a list of 30 things I want to do before (or during) 30. My bday is in June so I added the “during 30″ part to give myself more time to accomplish the things. I’ll blog about this asap. Just thought I would share about being a compulsive resolver. Maybe I should resolve to not resolve so much? Hmm….