Riddles & ant bites

We got back from blue jacket park about an hour ago.  We returned with 2 “blog-worthy” stories.

1) I am not good at riddles. it seems however, that my 3yo son is good at them. Last night we watched an episode of Dora that was about riddles, so on the way to the park I decided to make up one for them. I’m not even good at making them up. This was the riddle, “What has 4 legs on it that don’t move because it’s rolling?” (this was very similar in format to a riddle on the show). While I was trying to come up with a better way of phrasing it, Asher was thinking. He said, “Oh, I know. Is it an armadillo when it’s a ball?”

Wow. No it was not an armadillo, but it should have been. That was a better answer than the real one (which was “the stroller you’re sitting in”). I can thank Diego for the armadillo education…that was not mom-taught.

2) Grace had another ant-encounter. Yes, i said, “another”. The last time was pretty minor, i was sitting in the grass next to the kids not realizing that the ‘dirt’ she was pouring was actually an ant hill, until asher said, “mom! grace is putting ants on me!” The damage was minor, bites on her hands mostly.

Today, we went for a walk around the park & as we came back to the playground grace refused to keep going & asher refused to stop going…so i just stayed between them, keeping an eye on asher in the playground & one on Grace a few feet away peeling bark off a tree. After nearly 5minutes, I gathered asher in the stroller & headed toward grace, when she started screaming. I ran over (& another mom that was there came too) & sure enough COVERED in ants…i can’t believe she didn’t cry sooner. We stripped her & got them all off ect. I got home & called the pediatrician to be sure (her arms & legs were covered with welts & a good sized patch on her back ect). She wasn’t super cranky & not even scratching or anything. They just told me how to care for the bites & to call 911 if she starts coughing or grabbing her neck. Sure enough 2 min. after getting off the phone w/them (while in the process of getting lunch ready) she started coughing & gagging. She never coughs. I immediately called 911. Of course while on the phone with THEM, she stopped & was fine. The emt guys were nice about it though…..i sure hope there isn’t a charge for that…i didn’t think to ask (apparently once you call they have to come, i couldn’t say, “nevermind”). Ah the drama. I just gave them a bath (it looks a lot better now that they’re not so puffy, but def. a lot of bites) & put them down for naps (an hour late).

So if you see her in the next few days her arms and legs will probably look like they’re covered in acne (ant bites turn into pussy lumps…gross..)…that’s just the ant bites, please don’t pick at them. :(

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