Running Re-vamped

Ryan bought me the chi-running book (he’s so sweet). I’ve been desperate to get through the 3 potty training books, so until wednesday I hadn’t read much of it, but so far, I’m really glad to have it. Yes, obviously he’s got all kinds of chi-’spiritual’ stuff going on, but there are definitely laws of physics that it’s all dealing with (that God created), so i’ve decided not to throw out the baby with the bath water. I really think this will help my body stop arguing with me about adding on the mileage.

Though in typical Jenn fashion, i read partway through, went out for my run thursday & tried to implement everything i’ve read so far. All in the same run. yeah. so I didn’t even complete the 3 miles, had to stop and walk once and was confused, sore & irritated. That night I read another chapter & realized, “oh yeah…I should probably just work on one thing at a time”

Sigh. But that means i won’t have instant gratification! ;)

So once I start getting the hang of what my body is supposed to be doing, I’m going to need to borrow a video camera & have ryan film me running up at the track. Oh joy. That is, unless someone in orlando wants to be my ‘chi-running’ partner & we can just analyze each other (or someone wants to donate to the “send jenn to chi-running class” campaign).

I’m thinking this will definitely be a long-term process to really implement the changes & get back to running comfortably & happy again.

In the meantime, here is a transcript of the internal conversation from thursday:

Ok, breathe, relax…ahh relax….arg! relax your appendages already! how the @%&# am i supposed to be relaxing muscles WHILE RUNNING…I don’t know but the book says to do it so clearly it’s possible…ok, shake it off, breathe…relax…jenn, seriously, relax!…

definitely teaching an old dog new tricks here folks.

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