Running with Kids

After months of scouring Craigslist I finally found a (well…two) double jogging stroller that I want at a reasonable price. Actually I found a decent one & bought it & then later that morning found a newer, nicer, much less used version listed….so w/some help from a running enthusiast parent I bought the second one & have relisted the first (that’s what those stroller pictures were on here yesterday..i’ve since taken them down). I am now the proud owner of a 2001 Baby Jogger Twinner II.

We went out for a quick jog on Wednesday & then this morning went for a “real” run. It was great. The kids like it & I don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to get a run in. The Challenges (& I enjoy a challenge so these are pro’s not cons):

1) It’s harder. Despite the INCREDIBLY lightweight design & ease of use (when walking it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing at all), when running it’s like a slight hill. This is actually a good thing (esp. since where i run is totally flat), but doesn’t FEEL like it. I had to stop & walk for a minute twice today during a 3mile jog (& ran 30 seconds/mile slower).

2) I’m expected to talk. Asher had me singing songs for the first mile till I finally just had to stop & breath. I know you’re supposed to go at a pace that you can carry on a conversation, but even at a 10min/mile pace I can’t do that (& i don’t feel particularly tired at that pace). After mile 1.5 he stopped asking me questions. Pretty sure he was talking to Grace though…or perhaps himself…or maybe me but I just couldn’t hear him.

3) I can’t listen to music. Again, from a “race” perspective this is actually a good thing, as I wouldn’t listen to music in a race, so might as well train that way. I’ll probably stick to sat. mornings with headphones alone for my long runs though.

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