Ryan’s photos

So, Asher inspired me to start my own photoblog… However, before you go visit, I have two warnings.


  1. The site doesn’t look NEARLY as cool if you use internet explorer.  PLEASE stop using that crappy web browser and convert to Firefox or Safari.  My site, and numerous others, will all look much better!
  2. When I set it up today it was having some trouble loading correctly on the first visit.  If you visit the site and the background is not black then:
  • Look in the upper left hand corner of the webpage and you’ll see a small (small) box made of tiny dots.  Click that and it should adjust everything.
  • Send me an email or comment that it was messed up when you visited. Include what type of computer you’re on and what browser you’re using.

Without further delay – Ryan’s Photoblog.

Oh, and if you want to leave a comment on a photo, click the “details/comments” link above the image.  There is also a cool archive link you can use too…


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