Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-04-25

  • I’m going to buy an external 1TB hard drive today. Any recommendations? 09:54:41
  • The Cars movie soundtrack for $1.99 – http://bit.ly/QgQLr 09:58:41
  • @kaynemcgladrey Was just looking at one of those. VERY sweet, but too much $$. Trying to stay under $150. in reply to kaynemcgladrey 10:09:27
  • Based on price, size and reviews, I think I’m going to go with the Western Digital 1TB My Book. Still looking though. 10:24:25
  • Is FireWire 800 worth the extra $50 +/- over USB 2.0? 10:53:01
  • For all those who care about my external HD decision, I’m leaning towards SimpleTech Pro Drive 1TB. 11:30:43
  • Off 2 buy a $10 paper shredder I found on craigslist. This “light duty” shredder is about to be abused by 2 years of records from my files. 16:01:00
  • Upon exiting my car, it shocked me so bad that I dropped my phone. 16:54:20
  • Dear stomach, remember when you used to be able to have nachos? That was nice. #old #heartburn 17:12:18
  • Asher just learned to use the term ‘score’ as slang for finding something cool. He is saying it a lot now. 17:25:26
  • After some issues, HD is formatted. Moving my 50GB Aperture library now. Thinking I’m gonna watch Sounders from home. Sorry copper hog. 20:16:06

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