Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-04-26

  • Trying to think of some ways to make money. Currently eyeing the books on my shelf that I never read. Would hurt to sell, but would i miss? 13:37:00
  • I’m experiencing an interesting feeling right now… like I’m betraying someone by selling these books. It is really strange. 14:52:54
  • Having to remind myself that if I ever “do” want or need to read these books there is always @logos, the library, and @philgons. 14:53:40
  • HA! I just sold a book on amazon. Cool. 16:38:31
  • @jakebelder Sounds like it is time to get @logos. in reply to jakebelder 17:10:47
  • @jakebelder Could probably work out a system for the first part. As for the second… a little more tricky. in reply to jakebelder 17:17:26
  • For all those chomping at the bit to see my book sale, get out your credit cards and go shopping: http://bit.ly/11J9DH 18:43:26

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