Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-05-21

  • On a lunch date with @jenn_burns. #
  • Leaving for vacation on Friday. Working late tonight so that I can actually enjoy it and not spend the whole time thinking about work. #
  • Ho Hi, Ho Hi, its off to work Ho Hi this song is not like any song you know Ho Hi, Ho Hi, Ho Hi, Ho Hi // Still at work. Tune via Simpsons #
  • @The_Proclaimers just made working late a little livelier. #
  • At the bus stop, kind of regretting that I opted for 8:40 bus instead of the 9:40. Another hour of work would have helped me sleep better. #
  • Used my laptop and phone-as-modem and work on the bus ride home. Managed to knock out a few more details. Think I’ll sleep better now. Whew! #

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