Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-05-31

  • And so begins 3 miserable weeks without my family. I miss the already. #
  • Grabbing zaxby’s with my momma before I head back to the airport. I’ll enjoy some for you @Philgons. #
  • Just passing time in the Atlanta airport. Think I’ll go to the international terminal. Usually a lot quieter over there. #
  • Just got a coffee and grabbed a quiet seat. About to start reading The Well-trained Mind. It is my homework from @jenn-burns. #
  • 3 more hours till my flight leaves. Moved to the C terminal. Gonna read for about an hour and a half and then grab some dinner. #
  • Landed in Seattle. Home is still a few hours away. #
  • In the van and off to bellingham. #

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