Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-06-11

  • New GtS post: Balancing Church and Seminary http://cli.gs/65Y3m8 #
  • Why in the world does the bellingham library not have a drop box out front. Lame! #
  • Ok, I retract that last tweet. Apparently there is a drop box on the other side. #
  • RT: @uberD4v3: You know how they say conferences are for meeting people? This is how geeks go about it ;) http://yfrog.com/5ct0kj // HA! #
  • RT: @Jenn_Burns: Grace misses @ryan_burns & asher is sad that daddy has no one to chill & snuggle with after work. // #Sad-Dad #
  • Hmmm. It is 2:30 and I haven’t had lunch… what to do… #
  • Join me on @Dropbox and get 2GB plus 250MB of bonus space! http://is.gd/Ygne // HT: @tonysteward for letting me know at just the right time. #
  • Had a glimmer of hope that I would do some web work this evening… then I ate dinner. Now all motivation is gone. lame. #

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