Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-06-27

  • New GtS post: Ministry in a Rural Context http://cli.gs/Npj3n #
  • RT: @GoingtoSeminary: Need some study tunes? Get 5 hours of Classical Adagios for only $2.99! http://bit.ly/stumu #
  • Wish there was 1 twitter app that does all I need. @CoTweet is almost there. Just need keyword alerts like TwtDk. Desktop app would b bonus. #
  • RT @johndyer the program to share keyboard and mouse between multiple machines (Mac, PC, Linux, etc.) is Synergy2: http://bit.ly/h6sUR thx! #
  • STOP WORKING… GO EAT… arg…. #
  • Family picking me up in 40 min to go to baseball game. Gonna grab a beer with @jvannoord to pass the time. in reply to jvannoord #
  • http://twitpic.com/8j4h7 – Take me out to the ballgame. #

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