Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-02

  • Ok, I surrender. Mouse batteries dead, other mouse not working, windows freaking out my mac… website, I’ll be seeing you bright and early. #
  • I have an iframe. In the iframe is a link. The link doesn’t open the new page at the top. Why? Tried using anchor tag. IE blew up. Ideas? #
  • @jjustice Yeah, tried that, but doesn’t work like you’d think. Ended up finding a fix that I can’t type in 140 characters. Thanks though. in reply to jjustice #
  • I have 21 windows open. I really wish I was on a mac right now. #
  • @jakebelder you too? thought it was only me. in reply to jakebelder #
  • At mallards with my wife. Asking myself what @jvannoord would get and doing the opposite. No offense man, just different tastes. #

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