Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-11

  • Ok magical social interweb: find me a great doc in Bellingham who doesn't make me wait in exam rm for 45min and then rush me out the door. #
  • I've been using @CoTweet for a couple months. It is now in public beta. Good tool that's only getting better http://cotweet.com #
  • I use @CoTweet for @goingtoseminary, @logos, @biblestudymag, and @ryan_burns if you're wondering. I also use @tweetdeck & twitterfox. #
  • RT: @GoingtoSeminary: 108 Titles by and about John Calvin for only $299.95! Happy 500th John Calvin. http://bit.ly/yoTsf #calvin500 #
  • Another helpful tip when re-setting up your windows machine – turn on ClearType: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306527 #
  • @JimStraatman I say 5-7 minutes. That gives wiggle room in case the interviewer's clock is a couple minutes fast. in reply to JimStraatman #
  • Rolling out a project that has been on my list for a couple months and listening to 80's music. Could only be cooler if I had a disco ball. #
  • Great tool for testing code in IE. Now you can see how lame IE handles your code in 4 different versions: http://tinyurl.com/33oh6q #
  • Wow… IE developer tools just helped me fix something in IE7. I have mixed emotions about that… #
  • Sweet. For once I looked at my clock and didn't have the though, "Are you kidding…" Plenty of time to finish things up by deadline. #
  • @uberD4v3 finished it 30 minutes aog! in reply to uberD4v3 #
  • @DanPritchett2 Nice! in reply to DanPritchett2 #

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