Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-14

  • I'll Fly Away is my current favorite song. Not sure what that says bout me. Actually, I do, and that's the problem http://tinyurl.com/lf3oqo #
  • Anyone have a recommendation for some good techno music? This dreary day needs a pick-me-up and my office music is way too mellow. #
  • @BoundaryBay Need someone to wear that merch? Lemme know. I'm on commercial street and BB IPA is my favorite. in reply to BoundaryBay #
  • Watching these 3K+ files upload makes me thankful for the ninjas who magically output the code for this site! #
  • Talked to @logos art director. I'll be growing my hair out for about a month and then getting a @logos logo shaved into it. Great idea Sean! #
  • @thederekjohnson How was NY Pizza and Bar? Cicchitti's is my current go to for NY style. in reply to thederekjohnson #
  • @BoundaryBay Count me in! Especially if there is free beer or schwag involved… though I guess I'd do it for the sake of supporting BB too. in reply to BoundaryBay #
  • Hey, @mashable or @danzarrella does Twitter Brand Sponsors work in WP2.8? I like the idea, but nothing is appearing for me. Any ideas? #

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