Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-19

  • It is fine with me that a just "woke" up at 6 a.m. on Saturday. I'm NOT ok with the fact that my kids are waking up at 6! Come ON! #
  • Sorry to say, but due to canceling my phone's internet service, I will not be live tweeting the Lynden Raspberry festival this afternoon. #
  • Uh… is there anything other than "live tweeting?" Sorry for the redundant redundancy. #
  • Back from the berry picking. Pics are being uploaded as we speek… er tweet. #
  • Well… just upgraded to flickr pro so you can see all our raspberry goodness. You had better get $24 worth of enjoyment out of them! #
  • Ok… my work is done… time to open a beer, fire up the DVR, and watch Sounders FC game… that @jvannoord did NOT go see today. #
  • My Latest Post: I Don’t Like Berries http://bit.ly/gIvvb #

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