Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-22

  • RT @Jenn_Burns: i get to go to a friend's house 2day to watch/help them 'process' a couple roosters. :) // My wife is weird. #
  • @jefftala – No, @mashable nor @danzarrella ever let me know if Twitter Brand Sponsors works in WP 2.8? I still can't get it working either. in reply to jefftala #
  • @jana_kaye Resident Chili Expert? in reply to jana_kaye #
  • @danzarrella Thanks for the reply. I've installed it on several different blogs with no success. Is there proper format for sponsor name? in reply to danzarrella #
  • I complain constantly to @philgons about how much I hate working on a windows computer. #
  • @danzarrella Screenshots are on the way.MANY THANKS for taking a look. in reply to danzarrella #
  • RT @Logos: MacsimumNews.com Logos Bible Software may be the answer to your prayers – http://bit.ly/macprayers (Macsimum rating: 9 out of 10) #
  • I don't need a wiki… I share an office with @philgons. #
  • RT @Jenn_Burns: I witnessed the death of 2 roosters today & skinned 1 myself. Needed help gutting cleanly though. /// #mycrazywife #
  • @tweetlater – I'm thinking about using pro version for my company @logos, but main feature I want to test is bulkupload. Can I get override? #
  • RT @thederekjohnson: I'm giving my car away to someone for the weekend, check out my fan page for more info http://bit.ly/15xLQT #
  • Bankofamerica… I want to open a business checking account. Why do you keep sending me to a blank screen? #BANKFAIL #
  • Dang it. Thought the BOA issue was due 2 browser. Fired up IE in windows & tried to open business account. Got internal server error. #FAIL2 #
  • @presbypaul Wachovia is still stupid. We'll find out how stupid tomorrow. I'm seriously tired of stupid banks. This is all such a hassle. in reply to presbypaul #
  • @BillNienhuis Kind of creepy… Your tweet just came in and now I hear lots of sirens outside. Don't we live kinda far from each other? in reply to BillNienhuis #
  • @BillNienhuis Nope, bham. My sirens are gone now. Maybe they were going to Lynden. in reply to BillNienhuis #
  • . @BillNienhuis via @dustinwielenga Tons of emergency vehicles Bager Rd. btw Line Rd. and Northwood. News chopper too. Massive bang though. in reply to BillNienhuis #
  • New to-do list item – make a book: http://www.blurb.com // But not tonight. Must sleep now. #

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