Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-29

  • RT: @Jenn_Burns: cooking up beans to try this cake recipe… // Uh… you know this is doomed, right? Beans + anything NEVER EQUALS cake. #
  • Apparently @javajock was just born. "Wait, this is my mom… she always has to call right when I was born." // Happy b-day man. #
  • Just printed out the CAN-SPAM act. Fun reading for the whole family :) #
  • Took the new guy at work out to lunch. Prior to leaving choked and spit water all over him. Nothing says "welcome" like being spit on. #
  • Just got out of a great meeting. Love the challenge before us. @Logos is such an exciting place to be working right now. #
  • Watched Food Inc tonight. Worth checking out if you can. http://bit.ly/5yiVH #

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