Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-14

  • Ok… I think my latest project is launchable. Going to sleep on it and make sure I'm happy with it before I rush it out the door. #
  • @skydiver a raise! in reply to skydiver #
  • RT @GoingtoSeminary: GtS Blog Post: Seminary at Sea – Five Lessons Learned While on Active Duty http://bit.ly/mp0Mr #
  • RT @tonysteward: Facebook | Facebook for Adobe AIR http://post.ly/2CHA // Interesting. Installing now. #
  • Started reading "Adopted for Life" on the bus ride in this morning. Teared up 3 times in first 27 pages. http://bit.ly/MjwPN #
  • Trying some new social strategies. Just turned off TwitterFox and launched twhirl with a dedicated space on my 3rd monitor. We'll see… #
  • @rwlyonsjr No pics. The change is more of a philosophical one on what I'm doing socially. Thus, I'm trying some new things. in reply to rwlyonsjr #
  • @bgardner make the spam detection question, "is this a support question?" if they answer yes, then fail the test. #
  • Going for food and fresh air. Need both. #
  • RT @tonysteward: Have you checked out LifeChurch.tv on Facebook yet? http://facebook.com/lifechurchtv #
  • @PastorTimSmith What a great song! Hope it comes together. in reply to PastorTimSmith #
  • 6:12 and I'm yawning because I'm tired. Nice. #
  • Really looking forward to seeing what happens with re:train. Follow @rickmelson (early #ff) #
  • RT @mashable Ref.ly: The URL Shortener from Above – http://bit.ly/94zod @Logos gets Mashable mention! // @DanPritchett2 U win! U're a ninja! #

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