Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-15

  • @jjustice Nice! in reply to jjustice #
  • Hit the ground running this morning. Haven't even had my coffee yet. That will change in 5…4…3… #
  • @scottmcclellan Thanks for dropping the mashable/ref.ly in upfront. #
  • @Jenn_Burns I didn't like onions until I was 29… in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • I'm looking for Christian journalists on twitter. Anyone have some follow Friday recommendation for me? #
  • Ever go through half a day and then realize tweetdeck isn't running. #socialmediamarketerfail #
  • RT @BoundaryBay: I just voted on to help the Bellingham farmers market win $5,000! Vote here: http://tinyurl.com/nb4jgq #food // Me too. #
  • Speaking of food… lunch time! #
  • I love working @logos. You can too: http://www.logos.com/jobs #
  • RT @Jenn_Burns: asher told me he loves me "not b/c you're beautiful, or b/c of your hair. but, well, i don't know why i love you. I just do" #
  • @edstetzer Will you do an interview on http://www.goingtoseminary.com. 5-10 questions via email. Please :) http://tinyurl.com/rxhq3q #
  • Homemade pizza and @BoundaryBay IPA = Happy Friday night. #
  • @tonysteward Yes. CS can help you, but not open till monday. Send me your email (don't have it at home) and I'll send you the update. in reply to tonysteward #
  • Just entered in a domain name I wanted to buy and it came up as fresh WP install. Had to whois it to see if I bought it & forgot. I had not. #
  • Boom baby! New domain has been purchaced. Can't wait to get this project underway. Could this be "the one?" #
  • http://www.12DollarThemes.com/ and so it begins… #

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