Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-18

  • Need some bacon? 8 Easy Ways to Get Visitors to Your Blog or Website http://bit.ly/19JRs9 #
  • Need some bacon? How to Install WordPress http://bit.ly/uheXd #
  • @RickMelson HOpe you all have an amazing day at #ReTrain! in reply to RickMelson #
  • @joethorn Get the Uncle Hershel with double hashbrowns. My mouth just watered. in reply to joethorn #
  • Wish there was an twitter app that let you assign color code to people so you could group into categories (fam, friend, wrk, etc) #
  • @askseesmic wish I could group ppl I follow and assign color. Then looking at feed wld be way easier. red bkg color=fam, blue=work, etc. #
  • @djmoch Yeah, but I want 1 column feed of all the people I follow. TD would require multiple columns to do what I want. in reply to djmoch #
  • Sitting in a Mexican restaurant, eating lunch, reading "Adopted for Life," and trying not to cry. Amazing book. The gospel is on every page. #
  • Jenn's Latest Post: Idol Factory Reminders http://bit.ly/1bMKLN #
  • Home from work… now starting work. Yup, it is as fun as it sounds. #
  • So much work to do, so many projects… I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps by starting the grill to cook my family dinner? #
  • @luomat Wonderfully er, wonderful tip. Thanks! in reply to luomat #
  • RT @luomat: Looking to edit your own writing? Search for words ending in "ly" "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." —Stephen King #
  • Another stunning Bellingham sunset. Wish I was sipping a corona on a back porch overlooking the bay. Alas, I've viewing it from my desk. #
  • Computer is being annoyingly sluggish. Trying a restart. #
  • Restart complete. PLEASE respond faster now. I have too much to do for you to be pullin this kind of windows crap. You're a mac! #

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