Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-19

  • Finished client's work at 11:45 &, for some reason, decided to launch http://www.ilovethebible.com I've been sitting on that one for months! #
  • Jenn is signing Asher up for his first soccer league. Soccer practice and Saturdays at the field, here we come! I'm so excited. Can't wait. #
  • One of the things I hate most online is black background with white print. My retinas are burning! Seriously, I won't read your site at all. #
  • About to listen to webinar: How to Use Online News Releases to Drive Social Media Campaigns #prweb #vocus #
  • RT @raguilera: Question for the @maclife staff? Hit us up now and be a podcast superstar! #
  • @deTheos – @tatango is a Bellingham company that might work for you. http://tatango.com in reply to deTheos #
  • @edstetzer Maybe doing an email interview with goingtoseminary.com would help you hate your dog less :o) Worth a shot. in reply to edstetzer #
  • Coffee, don't fail me now. #
  • Do you love God's Word? Got 5:59? Come and be encouraged: http://bit.ly/3t6u9h #
  • @sarahorn I can see it in FF 3.5 on my mac. Can't troubleshoot without seeing the error. Have you tried different browser? in reply to sarahorn #
  • @sarahorn Best guess is that the hosting company is updating the servers or something. That can cause glitches like this. Give it some time. in reply to sarahorn #
  • @sarahorn If still errors tomorrow (or later tonight) call hosting company to confirm server status is ok. in reply to sarahorn #
  • @sarahorn There ya go! Glad it all worked out. in reply to sarahorn #
  • I know what I "want" to do with this code, I just can figure out how to do it because there are so many custom calls and regular expressions #
  • Found a hack-around. That should work. #
  • I think I just spent 1.5 hours trying to get something to work and, after re-reading the client's notes I realized that isn't what they want #
  • @presbypaul Seriously… why are you awake? in reply to presbypaul #

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