Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-23

  • Bought a bed for the guest room. Picking it up later today. Trying to figure out how to rearrange the office/guest/play room. #
  • Finally have a guest bed. It is a queen size. Who's first? #
  • And if any of the half naked women on twitter who've been following me lately reply to that last tweet, I'm gonna have to say no. #
  • Holy crap! I'm the #6 website freelancer on Guru.com: http://www.guru.com/freelancers/ryanburns/746851 That's freaking rad! Wow! #
  • Did I mention that I'm number 6 our of 17,312 freelancers. If that helps make it more rad… http://www.guru.com/emp/search.aspx #
  • Bad link… try this: http://bit.ly/Hhnwl #
  • Stinking ASP site… forget the links… Search for freelancers in web and ecommerce. I'm raked #6. #
  • Jenn's Latest Post: Subversive Jam http://bit.ly/VdFQB #

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