Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-25

  • Need some bacon? Why I Don’t Import My Blog Posts into Facebook http://bit.ly/pCw6V #
  • Coldplay for $2.99 – http://bit.ly/5FzuQ #
  • @PastorTimSmith Working on some @logos marketing projects and listening to Rain City Hymnal. Just wanted to thank U for this album. Love it. in reply to PastorTimSmith #
  • @PastorTimSmith Absolutely. Will do. in reply to PastorTimSmith #
  • RT @stevekmccoy: RT @WarmAndWellFed: WIRED magazine graphs 7 deadly sins on a U.S. map. – http://tinyurl.com/lz9fqq #
  • Came up with another side-project idea while going to lunch today… Who needs sleep anyway… #
  • Just had another idea for a side project while walking to pick up my lunch… I seriously need a more relaxing hobby. #
  • right… the first tweet DID go through despite what I was lead to believe. #
  • Went to the coffee machine to make a cappuccino but made an americano out of habit. Dang it. #
  • @jvannoord I'll remember that next time. thanks. in reply to jvannoord #
  • @jjustice I know you can delete on twitter.com, but once you post, it is gone to all the twitter clients, right? in reply to jjustice #

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