Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-26

  • Just had a phone interview with the USA Today. Might be in tomorrow's edition for an article about rising home prices. #
  • @Jenn_Burns what do you think that thing is next to the couch? Because it sure doesn't have wine in it :) in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • Contacting some military chaplains that blog for a work project. Reading their posts, I am humbled by their service to God and country. #
  • Any @logos twitter people planning to go to the Bellingham Tweetup http://twtvite.com/hnbufe #
  • @tonysteward You running Snow Leopard and Logos? in reply to tonysteward #
  • Need Help: Anyone with lots of projects going on at same time, any recommendations on personal project management software? #
  • @RyanVMcKinnon Thanks for the offer to help. I was contacting them to let them know about http://bit.ly/3L5Qui Thought it'd be good to share in reply to RyanVMcKinnon #
  • @5pmweb Thanks for the suggestion. Looking for something that is free and just for me (not group). in reply to 5pmweb #

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