Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-05

  • RT @bsibley: RT @PRBlog Dell Makes a Social Shopping “Swarm” http://bit.ly/12D88Y #
  • Trying to expand a virtual hard drive. #ThingsMyMomWillNeverDo #
  • Getting @philgons pumped up by playing the rocky theme song really loud on my crappy speakers. #
  • @aaronsauer It is at the top of every page, right? (@logos) :o) in reply to aaronsauer #
  • RT @stevekmccoy: Anyone want to follow @RedeemerNYC on Twitter? Thought so. Awesome. #followfriday #
  • GREAT night! Van brakes fixed. Great pizza. Good bottle of wine. Three day weekend. Minus the heart kabobs tomorrow, things are lookin good. #

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