Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-11

  • Singing in the Rain Soundtrack $2.99 http://bit.ly/253I4t // Fun. #
  • RT @skydiver: Wow – Body Blow to Twitter – Facebook launches @replies in Status updates! http://3.ly/rBM // Interesting indeed. #
  • @PastorTimSmith Turn hd off, turn computer off, turn hd on, turn computer on. #worthashot in reply to PastorTimSmith #
  • @scottmcclellan No way. There are still enough of us who hate FB. in reply to scottmcclellan #
  • Just looked at code from a popular site. It has been written using MS Word for the last 5 years. Oh my "Word" that is some ugly code. #
  • @jessedcaron thepaulpage.com in reply to jessedcaron #
  • RT @o1mnikent: There is a lot of celery in the kitchen. Wow. #logosemployeesnack // He wasn't kidding. #
  • @deadwoods I think that is the first pic I've seen of her since we left. WOW! in reply to deadwoods #
  • Should I get an iPhone? If I get one, does that mean I have to get @jenn_burns one too? #
  • IE7, what the crap? Seriously, even IE6 understand what you're supposed to do! #ihateIE #
  • Anyone want to prove how awesome they are troubleshooting IE7 for me? CSS ninjas, how's your kungfu tonight? #
  • It is SO hard to trouble shoot when your code makes perfect sense and every other browser renders it correctly. #

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