Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-15

  • RT @Jenn_Burns: grace, "mom, did u know Jesus can save your life and you from being angry at your children?" – indeed. #fromthemouthsofbabes #
  • RT @BibleHour: He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy… http://ref.ly/Tt3.5 // Thanks be to … #
  • @garretwnagle Thanks for the idea. Generally I don't like filters b/c I'm in marketing and thus want to see most ads. in reply to garretwnagle #
  • RT @dgoodmanson: My Five Online Trends that will shape the future of the Christian Faith: http://bit.ly/lGkpL // Added this to me 2read list #
  • . @GodsMac you should connect with @luomat. He writes for TUAW.com and is a pastor. Might be a good guest. Just an idea. in reply to luomat #
  • @garretwnagle Do http://ref.ly and http://www.reftagger.com count or are you looking for something different? in reply to garretwnagle #
  • RT @helpareporter: cherylmurfin@gmail.com needs real stories about the impact of Initiative 1033 (budget cut in Washington State.) #
  • Had a very interesting experiment with Facebook chat today. Looking into how to utilize FB better for @Logos Bible Software. #
  • Ah… the famous 5 minute install… Why in the world does 1and1 not have cpanel? #hostingfail #
  • 1and1 #crappyhostingcompany Sheesh! You make easy things SOOOO difficult. #hostingfail #
  • Despite 1and1 best efforts, I was able to launch a client's new WP site this evening. http://www.carolers.com/ #
  • Wow… good thing I wrote myself a note on my hand. Almost forgot about an @logos project I need to complete tonight. #closecall #

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