Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-23

  • RT @BobPritchett: Zondervan to release 31 titles for Logos Bible Software http://tinyurl.com/ksnalp (via @ZonderAcademic) #
  • TIme for some afternoon coffee. Unrelated, I think I've finally decided to buy an iPhone. #
  • @tlangejr From what I hear, you'll be waiting for a while. Looks like they plan to extend w/att for a few more years. in reply to tlangejr #
  • RT @DanPritchett2: Updating blu-ray firmware: ethernet to blu-ray to RCA thru DVR to RCA to TV by way of porch http://short.to/rayd // wow! #
  • My mom officially accepted my friend request. Took her 3 weeks! #
  • Asher is trying to play jazz. Has a microphone, drum, egg shaker, and hammer. Hammer? #
  • Darn it credit card bill… you are thwarting my plans for an iphone. Perhaps next month… #
  • @lenflack Let's be honest… the odds that I'll stupid enough to get one anyway is pretty good. in reply to lenflack #
  • Just requested a review copy "The Search for God and Guinness. A Biography of the Beer that Changed the World" http://brb.thomasnelson.com #
  • I have so many neglected websites… I need to come up with a plan for all these. What to do, what to do… #
  • My Latest Post: Read and Share Toddler Bible Review http://bit.ly/3A7OpA #
  • @greenroomlive The latest bacon is just for you. #
  • Need some bacon? 3 Easy Squidoo Tips http://bit.ly/qRhJx #

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