Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-10-17

  • As usual, this is not the plan I had in mind for today. I think I'm going to begin starting each day by throwing away my day's project list. #
  • RT @o1mnikent: Work today has involved @ryan_burns dangling from the ceiling above my desk & a couple dozen screaming people from ETD… #
  • Sweet. 3 p.m. Time to grab some lunch and then start my today to-do list. #
  • @HiTodd Different Washington! I'm in Belingham WA, 1.5 hours N of Seattle. 20 min from Canada. Work at http://www.logos.com #
  • Thank you Adobe for reminding me for the 100th time that there is an update available. I almost forgot after the 99th time. #
  • "There's only one girl in the world for you, but she probably lives in Tahati." via @The_Proclaimers // Mine lives in WA for the record. #
  • Copying HTML rich Word text & pasting into blank outlook email retains HTML while striping out the nonsense HTML Word adds #ironicworkaround #
  • Poor @jenn_burns just called. Stuck in horrible traffic trying to get to Seattle airport to get her folks. "Fun" doubled w/ 2 kids under 5. #
  • The dishes are done man. @jenn_burns is still on the road so I'm leaving @logos and headed to dinner with @danpritchett2 #

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